a collaboration with Ganbreeder and Ketty Zi Merino at The Wrong at Loading.Festival

Ai Insects, 2019

All of the images have been rendered (or bred) using the online app "GanBreeder". They are direct descendants of existing plants and insects, but, their DNA also includes pollution, debris, digital detritus, and human objects. By turning to ai technologies, I am attempting to imagine the world of flora and fauna in a post human landscape. What does radioactivity and pollution inflict on surviving creatures and how do these creatures grow to survive in a world without humans? The roaches and mealworms scour trash piles for sustenance, adding plastics and metals into their composition. The plants are the pollinated by these insects, they absorb water from radioactive soil and sunlight through thick smog. Everything has changed. Artificial intelligence and other digital technologies and/or tools can help provide us with an insight into how, and what this change may look like through the digital eyes of logic and computational analysis.

The Insects:
Bug1 72dpi Bug2 72dpi Bug3 72dpi Bug4 72dpi Bug5 72dpi Bug6 72dpi Bug7 72dpi Bug8 72dpi Bug9 72dpi

Future Insects Lab Report,2019

Typography by Ketty Zi Merino