My Skintone on The Web

Various Performative works created for the screen and/or a digital existence

Crystal RareDankArt Does a BackFlip, 2020

3D Scanned Body and Digital Animations

My Skintone On The Web, 2019

Included in "Body Mass" at the Boston Cyber Arts Gallery, Curated by Keaton Fox

Online, no matter how we choose to present ourselves, the machines that host our existences see nothing but pixels in our images and facades. Millions of pixels form together to create Instagram feeds and Facebook albums that have come to define our personal brands, our self-image. Fifty different photos of the artist were taken, and hundreds of pixels sampled and compared. Highlights, shadows, and mid-tones were averaged together. The result is the composite average of my skin as portrayed through the screens we have come to accept as a “real” depiction of the lives we lead. #663300 is the web-safe hex code for my average skin tone on the web.

When we are reduced to our average representation on social media, when our brand image is taken and analyzed as a whole, there are no longer millions of cells or pixels that create our bodies and understandings. We are remembered by the brand, our average existence on the earth and in cyberspace. But, what does it mean to remove the multitudes of facets responsible for constructing our individual personalities? Together, once again, we homogenize. Averages are always being taken.

663300 Skintone
IMG 2363 IMG 2376

Shotterstuck, 2016

Digital Performance

The act of turning myself into a stock photo. I'm Stuck.


Hard Nips, 2015

a sculpture and some images

Sculptural Performance in digital mockups

Hardnip1 Hardnip2 Hardnip3