Early Works

A selection of work created before 2016

In a Content Aware Space, 2015

A digital Show Curated by Ena Kantardzic

Content Aware Images, We know Where You Live

Ena1 Ena2 Ena3 Ena4 Ena5 Ena6 Ena7 Ena8 Ena9 Ena10

ROY, 2015

digital installation (non existant)

digital images of a fake installation modeled after roy litchenstein

Roy1 Roy2 Roy3 Roy4 Roy5 Roy6 Roy7 Roy8 Roy9 Roy10 Roy11 Roy12 Roy13 Roy14 Roy15 Roy16 Roy17

200 Rules of Masculinity, 2014

200 rules for masculinity, compiled from pop culture and social norms

A Gif and A Painting

200 Rules For Men P1020653

Apotheosis of a Rose 1 & 2

digitally manipulated images


Apotheosis Rose Phase 1 Apotheosis Rose Phase 2

Holofernes, 2014

digital work

gif, digital image, and glass panels

IMG 0690
IMG 3394

Assortment of ____________________

Parabiotically Self-Sufficient